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What We Do

Established to provide government and private organizations with an alternative to conventional urban planning services. BIODEV is composed of a diverse group of planning, management, and design specialists who recognize the need to fill in the gap between plan formulation and implementation; and possess the knowledge, skills, and character to do it. 

BIODEV’s core team has more than two decades of combined experience in urban planning, management, and design; working with national and local governments, private sector and international development agencies, among other key development stakeholders.


sustainable, inclusive & resilient direction setting process to achieve desired results


creative and systematic collection, organization and analysis of information that leads towards a specific purpose. 


enhancing knowledge and skills while providing information and instruction to perform specific tasks.



Mission Statement

Core Values

To enable the government, private sector, and communities to maximize their power to effect meaningful transformation, and significantly contribute to the attainment of inclusive and sustainable development.

BIODEV lives by these six values: 

  1. SERVICE EXCELLENCE – We are committed to delivering the highest quality of products and services, and exceed client and partner expectations. 

  2. ACCOUNTABILITY – We are responsible for our actions, and we put a premium on the collective interests of our clients and the other key development stakeholders. 

  3. EFFICIENCY – We deliver the highest quality of products and services with due consideration to time, human, and financial resources. 

  4. INNOVATION – We constantly seek to develop new methods to carry out our tasks, in order to be more responsive to the needs of our clients and partners, and at the same time contribute to the growth of the planning profession.

  5. INTEGRITY – We utilize validated information and uphold intellectual honesty in the conduct of our work.

  6. PASSION – We exist beyond profit. We use our collective knowledge and skills to enable decision-makers to make the right choices to effect meaningful changes. 

Areas of Expertise

BIODEV has a solid experience providing consultancy services in the following areas: 

  • Local Database Development 

  • Ecological Profiling and Planning for Local Government Units

  • Comprehensive Land Use Planning and Zoning Ordinance Preparation 

  • Comprehensive Development Planning 

  • Local Development Investment Programming 

  • Environmental Planning

  • Tourism Planning

  • Transport Planning

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Management 

  • Climate Change Adaptation

  • E-Governance,  MIS and GIS for Local Government Units

FG Espero action.jpeg

Girlie L. Labastilla

President and CEO



Fernando Gerardo Espero III

Corporate Secretary


Jose Mari Rodrigo

Finance Officer


Ronald Cartagena

Vice President for Programs and Projects

The Planning Team
and Manila Mayor

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