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The Project Go! Manila

GO MANILA!” seeks to build a city-wide digital infrastructure, generating and analyzing critical data across multiple categories for effective policy and decision making, effective service delivery, and feedback mechanisms towards a sustainable social uplifting, inclusive economic growth, and transparent governance.

This project idea has evolved into an inclusive innovation through the Manila Registration ID and greater access to services to the historically underinvested groups in the city. These include senior citizens, PWDs, solo parents, indigent students, out-of-school youth (OSY), informal settler families (ISF), homeless and informal workers.

Global Recognition 

The City of Manila is one of the 631 cities that participated in the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge organized by Bloomberg Philanthropies.


On June 15, 2021, Bloomberg announced Manila as one of the 50 champion cities that submitted the most innovative urban solutions in the wake of Covid-19 advancing to the final round of the competition.

Human-Centered Prototype Designing

Following its selection as one of the champion cities that advance to the final round of the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge, Team Manila has participated in a series of workshops organized by Bloomberg, to process and reflect on its project idea using a human-centered perspective. The Team conducted an emphatic research plan and a human-centered prototype design to better understand the struggles, aspirations, and needs of the target underinvested groups. 

In creating the prototype for the proposed innovation, Team Manila tested the assumptions with the target groups who would also become co-creators of the said inclusive innovation. The tests include behavioral observation to capture underinvested residents’ behavioral acceptance and understanding of the project idea. This enabled the Team to understand the main-users’ take on the prototype being created as to how they feel about interacting with it and determine if they appreciate and like it. 

Parola ISF2.jpg

Barangay 275 - Parola
Muelle dela Industria

ISF-Parola 52021-09-21_20-53-34-103.jpg

Barangay 286
Smokey Mountain

ISF SM 10 2021-09-23_18-49-08-883.jpg

Barangay 128 
Smokey Mountain

Indigent student & OSY.jpg
Senior Citizen Bgy 734 3a 2021-09-21_20-42-32-729.jpg
Informal worker 1 2021-09-23_18-39-56-616.jpg

Barangay 773 
San Andres

viber_image_2021-08-26_15-41-49-939 - SM Bgy128.jpg
Punta Indigent Student2.jpg
Canonigo homeless11.jpg
San Andres pedicab drivers5 2021-09-21_19-57-37-309.jpg
Canonigo homeless2.jpg

Canonigo Homeless Center

Barangay 734 
7-Up, Paco

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